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About John Fulwood - Pottery Artist in NJ

John's Pottery

I have been making functional pottery for over thirty years and still find myself fascinated by the ever-changing characteristics of clay.  Although I have specific ideas about function, I believe that you have to allow the clay to have some control, some freedom of movement within the form, if you want your pots to have life.  Each pot evolves gradually as I try to maintain a harmonious balance between the form and its function.  Unlike the majority of potters, I single fire to cone ten in reduction.  I prefer this process because glazes can be combined on green ware in ways that are not possible on bisque-fired pots.  The glazes I use are formulated and then applied in such a way as to take advantage of the flames, which are present during a reduction firing.  I depend upon the caress of the flames to influence the color of each piece.  These color variations add life to the pots and help make each a one-of-a-kind piece.  In my opinion, successful pots come from an equal partnership between the clay, the fire, and the potter.

John Fulwood, Kissimmee River Pottery


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